5+ Types of Emails to Keep Your List Engaged

Acquiring new customers costs five times more than retaining existing ones.

But retention is hard. You don’t want to be that annoying sales rep who tries to sell you a product for the fifth time… but you’re also running out of ideas.

You should always have evergreen emails up your sleeve for when you’re out of creative juice and save templates within your email marketing software.

5 Emails to Keep Your Email List Engaged

Here are some of the best evergreen email types…

#1 The soft teach

This is where you educate subscribers just enough for them to feel they need your product or service.

You want to give enough value to show authority and credibility, while sparing the details.

#2 The FAQ email

Think about your potential buyer’s objections, then turn them into questions and answer them.

This format helps you turn objections into selling points. Plus, it positions your product as a better alternative to what’s on the market.

#3 Show the future

Can anything tickle your prospect’s imagination better than a picture of a better life after they’ve purchased your product?

Share a testimonial or a success story and show your customers how they can achieve a similar result using your product.

#4 The explainer

Practice what you preach. If your product promises great things, walk customers through the ways it delivers on your promise.

#5 The mythbuster

Expose a common myth in your industry and tell your potential buyers the truth about it.

Then, tell them what to do instead, and show how your product can help them achieve the best results.

There you go… five evergreen emails you can keep on file.

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