Amazon Followers – How to Boost Your Sales and Retention (How to Get Them)

Everybody uses Amazon to sell their products (duh!) — but did you know you can also use the platform as a promotional tool… without running ads?

Two words: Amazon Follow.

This feature lets users opt to follow and receive updates directly from your brand, which means you can:

…and much more.

Only thing is… Building a following on Amazon can be like trying to fish with your bare hands. You’ll catch something from time to time… but darn, you could use some help.

Below we have some tips.

Let’s dive in…

Calls-to-action (CTAs) on your store’s home page

Most users don’t even know a “Follow” feature exists on Amazon.

CTAs can point them in the right direction.

A simple “Follow us for special offers and new releases” at the bottom of a page can suffice.

Live streaming? Mention it

Just like YouTube users remind their viewers to subscribe, you can remind your watchers to “smash the follow button” during live shopping events.

Add a CTA to your media gallery

Make an image reminding users that they can follow you, and upload it between product shots and videos.

After all, this is where the majority of your potential customers end up browsing.

Run Sponsored Brand Ads (SBAs)

When you’ve already optimized your brand page for acquiring followers, you can use SBAs to drive more people to your store and more potential followers.

Cross-promote on social media

You have social presence on other platforms, right?

Use it to spread awareness to your Amazon store and don’t forget to mention that they can follow you.

Leverage influencers

If you’re conducting business on Amazon, you know Amazon influencers are a thing.

So when they promote your brand, have them mention the “Follow” button at the end of their review video or post.

There you go…

With a good strategy, you’ll rack up your Amazon follower count and become ever-present on their home feed.

Not a bad way to increase traffic and brand awareness!

How to Find the Follower Count on Amazon Brand Stores

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