How to Handle Google’s Product Review Updates (PRU) Algorithm Changes

Why care about Google’s Product Review Updates (PRU)?

Because Google is determined to show customers the best and most insightful reviews content in its search results.

And if you’re an affiliate marketer, or the owner of a reviews website, each PRU can profoundly impact your SEO.

But pause, and take a deep breath.

Because as is the case with many Google updates, there’s no need to be anxious if you’re prepared. 

How to Handle Product Review Updates (PRU) Algorithm Changes

Internalize Google’s best practices

And form a plan of attack to improve your reviews content.

Run a users study

Once you adjust your content according to Google’s best practices, leverage user study platforms to survey users about what they think of the content.

Let their feedback guide you in creating even better content.

Become the Wirecutter of your niche

In case you don’t know, this is a popular product review website that focuses on different consumer product categories.

The idea is, you want to become the most authoritative reviews website in your niche.

Give readers multiple buying options

Link a product to different sellers rather than Amazon only.

Even if Google says they don’t enforce this practice, it’s still a best practice.

Invest in visuals and create original photos, videos, and GIFs to support your reviews

Photos, videos, and other visualizations improves the user’s experience, and it proves that you or other users are actually testing the products.

Look at what the top ranking product review results are doing

Big authoritative sites don’t have to get the on-page SEO exactly as perfect as a lesser authoritative site does in order to rank.

So if a big popular site is ranking high up on the list, it’s to be expected. However, check out what they and the other top results on the page are doing to get those kinds of rankings.

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