How to Launch a Product Testers’ Program [Customer Acquisition]

Acquiring customers is always a challenge… and with so many people cutting back on their spending, it’s getting harder.

If you’re having difficulty getting people to convert for an e-commerce or SaaS product, try this tactic:

Create a special program for your target customers

If your audience is marketers, this could be something like an “Exclusive Marketers’ Program.”

Send those people to a specific landing page advertising a discount on your product

For best results, use a firm number, like $100 store credit, instead of a percentage discount number.

It’s normally viewed as higher value.

Ask those people to enter the email to receive their code

Now you’ve got interested customers in your system.

Send those customers an email sequence of three or four emails with their gift card code and calls-to-action (CTAs) for purchase

If someone’s already entered their email, they’re moderately interested in your product. You just need to give them that final push.

For best results, add scarcity to your special program. Tell people there are only, say, 100 slots.

This helps them feel like they’re part of an in-group and can boost conversions.

Why this works

People don’t like paying full price.

And while sitewide discounts are nice, they’re even more attractive if they’re part of a special program that speaks to one particular segment of your customers.

Add a dash of exclusivity, give people a discount in the form of a store gift card, and watch that conversion rate rise.


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