7+ Easy Ways to Rank on Page 1 in 2022 [Expert Tips]

Easy Ways to Rank on Page 1

So you spent a few hours doing keyword research, and now you have a juicy list of queries to target…

Stop right there!

Before you invest time in making content, take a few seconds to find out what the competing content looks like… and what your chances are of ranking in the search results.

We recommend you look for these 7 characteristics in the ranking content.

And it’s easy… you can identify them with a simple Google search.

Let’s start looking…

Easy Ways to Rank on Page 1

#1 Do the titles match the keywords?

If you search for “How long to drive across Scotland?” and the first articles in the results are about “How to visit Scotland,” that’s a sign you might have an easy win.

#2 How does your Domain Rating (DR) stack up against the competition?

Check the DR of each website on page one.

Ideally, your DR should be higher.

If you have more off-page authority than other sites you might be able to rank above them, or at least comparably to them to pick up traffic.

#3 Are there forums on page one?

Usually, Google only ranks forums like Reddit and Quora when there are no good articles to show.

If you’re seeing sites like that at the top, there’s a good chance you can beat them.

#4 Are there e-commerce websites on page one?

If there are ecom websites could mean you misunderstood the intent of the keyword.

…Unless you’re planning to write a listicle like “Best products to bring on holiday.”

Then you could be onto something.

#5 What’s the word count of the top 5 articles?

If they’re all really short, you have a higher chance of beating them.

#6 What’s the quality of the content?

These are the signs of poor quality:

  • Poorly written
  • Big walls of text
  • Stock photos
  • Bad grammar
  • Not enough H2/H3 headings

#7 Do the top results have no (or few) backlinks?

You can find this out through a tool like SEMrush or Ahrefs.

If pages are ranking without links, it means it’s easier to rank your own content faster.

Once you get links to the article, it’ll help you separate yourself from the competition if the article is great and your authority is high relative to competitors.

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Takeaway – Rank on Page 1

Doing this simple search analysis will help you decide if it’s worth creating the content or not.

And who couldn’t use a lift when it comes to search engine optimization?

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