How to Market to Subcultures

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What do anime, astrology, and videos of people eating have in common?

Answer: They’re subcultures.

And TikTok believes they’ll help you make your next sale.

What are “subcultures”?

Traditional demographics, like age and gender, have dominated how marketers think about their audiences.

But a platform like TikTok runs on rich, long-lasting subcultures: Communities that rally around particular topics.

So what does this mean for your marketing?

Here’s what we uncovered:

As of today, TikTok’s targeting is limited

For example, if your ad account is from Europe, you can’t target the US unless you request it from your ad rep, and vice versa.

There are many other limits on TikTok’s targeting that leave a lot to be desired.

TikTok recently added DMA geo-targeting

In normal words, that means you can now go narrower in your US-based targeting.

Advanced targeting options aren’t available to every advertiser

Features that would be considered normal elsewhere, like lookalike audiences, are still not available to everyone on TikTok.

Final word

TikTok is a subculture-focused platform, so you should take advantage of that in your ads.

If the info above sounded discouraging, the good news is that TikTok’s ad reps are quite helpful, at least in our experience.

You may unlock plenty of features after spending a few thousand dollars.

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