How to Increase the Visibility of Your SaaS Brand and Content [<10 mins/day]

The best way to increase awareness of your SaaS brand and personality?

Creating quality content is step #1.

But churning out quality content no one sees is like playing drums alone in your basement: It’s fun, but it doesn’t sell tickets.

Below is an effective method that can help you triple the number of eyes on your SaaS content in less time than it takes to cook pancakes and bacon for breakfast.

Let’s break it down…

Increase visibility of SaaS brand

First, make sure the content is non-promotional

Instead of being salesy, it should provide value.

Ask yourself, “Can someone implement stuff from this without having to buy something from us?”

If so, then it can be safely promoted across channels.

Post it on LinkedIn, then on Reddit

LinkedIn is an obvious one.

There’s a myriad of SaaS-related subreddits with big, active communities.

Look for the ones that are relevant to your content and start posting!

Now make a Twitter thread

Break down your entire post into 5-10 tweets for your Twitter community to see.

Post from your company and your personal profile for more reach.

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Don’t slack on Slack groups

Share the content in SaaS Slack communities that you’re a member of.

For example, consider the Growth Strategies/B2B/Email channel in DemandCurve’s Slack.

Post it in Facebook groups, too

Unlike pages, Facebook groups have good reach and are generally active.

Communities like SaaS Marketers, SaaS founders, and similar have a nice core of people that would be genuinely interested in valuable and actionable content.

And if you have a mailing list…

you can also create an email blast and send the content to your subscribers.

After all, these people willingly signed up. Make sure they see your stuff!

… And you’re done!

Your quality content is now distributed across a variety of channels, ready to be seen by lots of people the way it deserves.

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